Horse's Mouth Antiques

Horse's Mouth Storefront     The Horse’s Mouth Antiques is located in the heart of Hazel, Kentucky.  It is owned and operated by Bob and Mildred Wheeler. Bob and Mildred had always planned to open an antique store when they retired and their plans held true. They bought an empty building during the formative years of the Hazel antique district and made it into one of Hazel’s finest shops.

Inside at The Horse's Mouth     The Horse’s Mouth Antiques specializes in depression glassware. They also carry a wide variety of oil and Aladdin lamps and its a great place to find hard to get lamp parts.  You will also find furniture, tools, granite ware, and just about anything old. You will not find any reproductions here. If you don’t see it just ask Bob or Mildred if they have it at home.   I guarantee, you will get it “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

Inside at The Horse's Mouth

Here you will find a true antique atmosphere.  Everything is well displayed and clean. Quality gleams around every corner and that “special treasure” is hiding somewhere if you look hard enough.

Inside at The Horse's Mouth 

If you would like to visit The Horse’s Mouth Antiques just come to Hazel, KY.  Hazel offers a full day of antique shopping and is labeled “The Antique Capital of West Kentucky”.

Horse’s Mouth Antiques
308 Main St., PO Box 207
Hazel. KY. 42049
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10:00-4:30 Sun. 1:00-4:30
Open all year long.  Open all Holidays except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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