The Corner Shoppe Antiques

Corner Shoppe Storefront    
The Corner Shoppe Antiques is located in the heart of Hazel, Kentucky.  It is owned and operated by Pat Seiber, Joy Waldrop, and Barbara Drake. It is one of Hazel’s newest additions to the antique district.  These three ladies have transformed the old bank building into a charming antique shop worth taking pride in.

Inside at The Corner Shoppe
The Corner Shoppe Antiques has a wide variety of glassware, furniture, pictures, and odds and ends. Most of the merchandise in the store belongs to the owners but some of the store is rented to dealers. This gives the antique shopper a very diverse selection of quality merchandise to choose from.

Inside at The Corner Shoppe

Here you will find four rooms gleaming with a very “take me back” atmosphere. You will enjoy the shopping experience and the friendly service.

Inside at The Corner Shoppe 

If you would like to visit The Corner Shoppe Antiques just come to Hazel, KY.  Hazel offers a full day of antique shopping and is labeled “The Antique Capital of West Kentucky”. 

The Corner Shoppe Antiques
300 Main St., PO Box 85
Hazel. KY. 42049
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10:00-4:30 Sun. 1:00-4:30
Open all year long.  Open all Holidays except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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