Charlie's Antique Mall 
 & Soda Fountain

Charlie's Antique Mall Storefront  
Charlie’s Antique Mall and Soda Fountain is located in the heart of Hazel, Kentucky.  It is owned and operated by Ray “Charlie” Gough. Charlie’s is located on the main street in Hazel and is dedicated to providing excellent service to its customers and dealers.  

Inside at Charlie's Antique Mall 
Charlie’s Antique Mall provides a festive atmosphere that will take you back in time.   You can browse for hours through thousands of square feet of climate controlled, quality retail space. 

Inside at Charlie's Antique Mall
You will find a sparkling clean environment here with gleaming merchandise from front to rear.  There is honestly something for everyone inside Charlie’s Antique Mall.  From the young to the not so young, all will find a great time and a shopping experience to remember at Charlie’s.

Inside at Charlie's Antique Mall 

So you think all Hazel has to offer is antiques valued at hundreds of dollars per item....think again. There are many quality collectibles old and new with many being $5.00 and under.

Inside at Charlie's Antique Mall

Furniture stores are nice but did you know you can furnish a home with the merchandise you can find inside Charlie’s Antique Mall and the surrounding shops.  You will save money too.... 

Inside at Charlie's Antique Mall     
Lets say you are someone who likes true primitive antiques.  We have those too.  We have primitive furniture, old coins, books, knives, glassware, lamps, retro style, and the list goes on.

Charlie's Antique Mall Soda Fountain     Is sitting down and eating a truly old fashioned ice cream treat your thing.  You can get that at our refreshing old time soda fountain.  We make treats just like you would find in the 1930’s and 40’s. We use only the best quality ingredients available on the market and give generous portions.  We make true malts and ice cream sodas.  You just cannot find those anywhere else.

Charlie's Antique Mall Sign 

If you would like to visit Charlie’s Antique Mall & Soda Fountain just come to Hazel, KY.  Hazel offers a full day of antique shopping and is labeled “The Antique Capital of West Kentucky”.

Charlie’s Antique Mall & Soda Fountain
303 Main St., PO Box 196
Hazel. KY. 42049
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10:00-4:30  * Sat. 10:30-5:00  * Sun. 1:00-5:00
Open all year long.  Open all Holidays except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Charlie's Logo

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